Clinical Application

DNA and us

DNA in every one of us is the most unique identity which we inherited from our parents. Based on the modern molecular biology technologies, scientists could retrieve massive information from it; such as hereditary diseases and familial relation analysis are widely applied with it nowadays.

Is cancer your fate?

Cancer has been the number one killer in Hong Kong in the last decade. We are exposing to numbers of carcinogens every day unfortunately, however some get cancer whereas others not. Can we fight this fate? Despite maintaining healthy life styles, modern molecular biology techniques help us to locate the aberrant genetic variances that cause cancer. Such information is particularly important for those whose close relatives have cancers. With the help from our experts and cutting-edge technologies, we could be your best partner to fight against cancer. "There's no fate but what we make for ourselves."

High accuracy DNA kinship analysis

DNA sequence patterns are hereditary, the closer relationship the more similar pattern. One of such patterns called STR (Short Tandem Repeat) markers, traditionally including 12-15 markers in paternity/maternity analysis could offer 99%-99.9% accuracy but it is not enough nowadays. Our experts use 24-27 STR markers which increase the accuracy of the analysis up to 99.99999%, much higher than the international standard. Base on such accuracy, not only better paternity/maternity analysis could be achieve but many complex kindship analysis could also be identified clearly.