Kinship Analysis (Non-Legal Case) (27STR Markers)

Test Code Test Description Specimen Required
PT2N 2 persons Buccal Swab / Hair Follicles (5 -10)
PT3N 3 persons Buccal Swab / Hair Follicles (5 -10)
PT4N 4 persons Buccal Swab / Hair Follicles (5 -10)
PT5N 5 persons Buccal Swab / Hair Follicles (5 -10)
PTACN Each Additional person Buccal swab / Hair follicles (5 -10)
The requirements in the new German guideline for paternity analysis which released in 2012 suggested that the individual exclusion chance should below 99.999% while the old 15 STR marker-paternity test panel reaches an average exclusion chance below 99.998% only.1 The US Federal Bureau of Investigation announced 7 new STR markers in addition to the original panel in 2015, this expanded panel will be the new reference for the human identification applications after further validation.2

Our 27 STR marker-paternity test includes all markers required for the US (CODIS) and EU (ESS) regulations which provides reliable and precise result.

1 Poetsch, Int J Legal Med. 2013 Jul;127(4):731-4.
2 Hares DR, Forensic Sci. Int. Genet., 2015 Jul; 17:33-34.